PABCO Roofing Products Announces New Respire Underlayment

Thursday, September 28, 2017

PABCO® Roofing Products introduces Respire™ Breathable Synthetic Underlayment

Respire Breathable Underlayment_PABCO Roofing Products


Tacoma, Washington – PABCO Roofing Products is proud to introduce Respire Breathable Synthetic Underlayment as the latest accessory product to complement our premium asphalt shingle line.

Respire underlayment is a barrier to liquid water while also allowing water vapor to escape from below. The benefit to the homeowner is that moisture on the roof deck can evaporate through Respire in vapor form.

Contractors love the ease of installation, and that the high friction surface combined with proper footwear provides plenty of traction, rain or shine. Jeremy Crogan of Old School Roofing in Burlington, Washington commented "We have been very impressed with this product, choosing to switch to it exclusively. It is very easy to handle, lays flat, and cuts easily. One of the best parts about it for us is how well it grips on the steeper pitches improving performance and safety."

The property that makes Respire different from typical synthetic underlayments is its permeability. It is manufactured with advanced technology that allows it to breathe and still maintain water shedding properties. “At PABCO, we felt it was imperative to offer a synthetic underlayment that is breathable to promote the long-term performance of the roof system,” explained Sid Dinwiddie, PABCO’s Technical Services Manager. “We believe we have hit the mark with Respire.”

Each roll of Respire covers 1,000 square feet (10 squares) and weighs 27 lbs. Respire is available in the Western United States wherever PABCO Roofing Products are sold. Homeowners and contractors can find the distributor in their area by visiting the Where to Buy page or calling the office at 253-272-0374.


About PABCO® Roofing Products

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To learn more about Respire Breathable Synthetic Underlayment, please contact:

Kevin Olson, Manager, Customer Service & Marketing

1476 Thorne Rd, Tacoma, WA 98421